Monday, 14 December 2009

Shoe tree re-born

The shoe tree rises again, this time on actual trees on the edge of the park, very close to the former location (a wire running across Pedley Street, outside Shoreditch tube).

This is how it used to look (Film still from August 2006)

Monday, 17 August 2009

diversion on the diversions

I went to see if I could get through from Pedley Street to the foot bridge today, but it seems like it will be permanently inaccessible as the rising east London line extension emerges from underground right across the pathway.

The signs on signs, diversion over diverted.......

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Paul Trevor Photographs

Paul Trevor's collection of photographs of the East End has been partially digitised and is now online through VADS. There are 2 photos showing the flying hut at Pedley Street. The collection overview is at:
One of the photos is from 1978, the year the City Farm opened (I think) click here to view

permission to reproduce kindly granted, © Paul Trevor, 2007 all rights reserved

and the other is from 1992, with an intervention in the flying hut, if anyone knows who this was by......
click here to view

permission to reproduce kindly granted, © Paul Trevor 2007, all rights reserved

some aerial views

I just discovered that various online aerial photos haven't been updated for a while and still show the flying hut and other now departed features of the Pedley Street/Fleet Street Hill area.
Here are a few